Painting Tips

Contrast is very effective . When wanting to increase contrast,
make the darks darker and the lights lighter.

Use color to lighten instead of grabbing white. Use color to darken
instead of grabbing black. For example, to lighten green, use a yellow to lighten
instead of white, to darken green, use blue. Go around the color wheel to lighten
(towards yellow) and darken (towards purple)

The best color, most detail and sharpest line will be at the focal point.

Use a brush that has spring. very soft brushes cannot pick up enough paint.

Try to paint on location or from still life as much as possible.
Photographs sharpen all lines – this is not how we see. Paint the whole canvas
quickly with basic shapes and colors that you see. Then concentrate on the focal-
you may find that once you have the focal done, the other areas that looked like they
needed work no longer do. To paint thicker, try using less medium to thin the paint.