Provence workshop

The Provence workshop I gave was so much more than I had expected. It was eye candy at every turn. Just overwhelming for this flat land, no rocks, no old buildings Louisiana girl.

My favorite location was Les Baux. It is a ruined castle sitting on top of a medieval village. It is absolutely charming with cobblestones, no cars (lanes too narrow for one thing) and fantastic views of the cypress trees, olive groves and grape vines far below. My senses were bombarded everyday. The company of my five students plus our host, Mathieu Brousses was most congenial. Time was spent painting in the mornings and exploring (touristing) in the afternoon.

We stayed in Arles which was quite charming with the centuries old buildings, churches and locations than Vincent Van Gogh painted. It was a pleasure to stay in one place for ten days to get a bit of feel of the area instead of rushing about.

Just think: just watch 4 movies on the way over and you are there. Not such a bad flight! Let’s do it again.

Les Ba;ux

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