What to expect in your workshop (U.S)

This is a non stress environment meant for those looking to quit sweating the details and to have more fun while making a better painting. Without all the frustration that painting can involve, you will learn to enjoy the painting experience more.

This class is great for the beginner to advanced; however the class is fast paced so the beginner should be able to mix some color and apply paint.  This class is also for advanced students as they will learn to simplify their painting to get rid of their “tight” strokes and let the “loose” in.  Emphasis is also on how to have more color, more contrast and a better composition.

Classes are mostly casual and fun.


 Day one: I will give a demo.  I will then give another demo while the class paints with me.  If time, in the afternoon the class will paint their own paintings from their own photos or from photos I provide.

Day Two: The next day I will again demo while the class paints along.  The class will finish this painting and start their own or finish their painting from day 1.

Day Three: The class will paint their own again with help as needed.  There is plenty of one on one and questions are welcome.  At the end of the day the student should have grasped the essence of the workshop and be able to apply what they learned at home.

Each day we will have critique sessions.  Tbis is a great learning tool . Students can choose to participate or not in these sessions.


Ya’ll come and have fun!!