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About Carol

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“Less is More”

The adage, “Less is More” is true even in painting. The fewer details, the more the painting “talks”. The viewer fills in the blanks to truly appreciate the painting.

Carol Hallock divides her time between her water front home on stilts in Louisiana and her 40 acre country home in southern Mississippi. She often paints the surrounding bayou and marsh from her kayak. “Geraldine” the egret is a favorite subject. Born and raised in Baton Rouge and graduate of Louisiana State University, Carol loves the unique beauty of her homeland. Widely acclaimed for her loose, painterly strokes in oils, Carol’s work can be found in the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion as well as private and corporate collections across the country. She has produced books of her work as well as “how to” professionally developed videos entitled, “The Art of Loose Painting I, II and III” which are shown on over 134 television channels across the country and in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work has won many awards and also graces the cover of magazines as well as being included in numerous press and magazine articles. Select prints are sold worldwide.


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